Check out this Amazing Trailer for “SURFING COWBOYS” from Walking on Water Films.

The “Surfing Cowboys” is an action sports documentary about pro bull riders,surfers,and faith.
The film is set in Hawaii and is about 3 professional bull riders who meet three professional big wave surfers and share their lives, struggles, intense sports, and their faith.
The photography is stunning,the scenery breathtaking, and the bull riding  is captured like art on a canvass.
The pro bull riders featured : Thad Newell, Zane Cook, and Jake Ryan Nelson
Listen to how  the cowboys find such similarities in balance between bull riding and surfing…
Bull riding and surfing…who ever would have thought!!!
We can’t wait to see this movie!!!
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Director/Producers:Bryan Jennings, Sean Marin Faith Fay and Sheri Hand Smith
(theres a 1 minute prep before the official trailer starts at 1:15 mark- but its all stunning!)