Check out Justin McBride’s 92 pointer vs. Camo to win 2007 PBR World Championship.

2-time PBR world champion Justin McBride rides Brad Boyd/ Toby Floyd’s  Camo during round 8 at the 2007 PBR World Final in Las Vegas. Just like in round 8 at the 2005 PBR World Finals, Justin clinched his  world bull riding championship on the same bull, Camo.
Camo had 72 career outs, all of which were in the PBR. Fifty-six of those were on the BFTS.
Camo was ridden only 11 times in those 56 outs for an average of 88 points.
Judges marked him an average of 44.73 points per out.
“He brought Boyd and Floyd to the table,” Boyd once said, “He was our gunner. He was our champ.”
Camo last competed in 2008 at Las Vegas, when Robson Palermo rode him for 87 points to win the Finals.
Doug Butcher was the original breeder of PBR superstar Camo and deserves a lot of the credit as well.
“Bulls like him are one in 30,000.If you can find a bull that has half the heart as he had,  then you have a superstar. He was a megastar.He was a great bull. That’s all there is to it.” -Boyd
Listed at 1650 lbs (looked even bigger than that actually)-this bull was a monster truck!
No single rider is more associated with Camo than two-time World Champion Justin McBride.
In 2005, McBride rode Camo in the final round of the World Finals, clinging to the side. It was an ugly 75-pointer, but it was enough for the buckle.
In 2007, McBride had to ride Camo in the final round of the 2007 World Finals and did it with this 92.5 pointer to win his second world title.
Boyd said he’s proud of the fact that for four years running, from 2005 to 2008, Camo had a hand in who won or lost the PBR world title.
Camo was the bull all the riders wanted and needed to cover if they wanted to be champion.
Camo was yet another prized legendary bull who takes his place in Bull Riding history.
We don’t forget you Camo- you were a great one!
And Justic Mcbride- you earned all of our respect by covering this bull.
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