Check out Carolina Panthers NFL star Jared Allen and his Bull Air Time!

jared allen laughing:therodeocowboy.com
Jared Allen Sure loves his pigskin and his bulls!
This is a Great segment On Air Time  from CBS TV ” Danger in the Dirt”
PBR Super Bull Air Time bucks off former PBR World Champion Renato Nunes in PBR 2015 World Finals.
Airtime was the absolute favorite for the 2015 PBR champion bull.
Air Time went 10-0 in 2015 and is 18-1 on the BFTS in his career.
This bull  averages 44.99 per ride  and when this bull gets out of the chute cleanly, he is one of the best bulls alive.
However 1 subpar out cost him the title. And it wasn’t even the bull’s fault!
PBR rider Ryan Dirteater took a long time in the bucking chutes and had a hard time preparing for a clean out with Air Time. The end result was a 4.21-second buckoff, but a sub-par out for Air Time.
Air Time was marked 42.5 points and Air Time ended up 3rd behind SweetPro’s Long John and Bruiser.
This 47 point ride showcases how great Air Time really is!
Don’t miss the excitement with Jared Allen as he recounts this 47 pointer!
In our book, Air Time on most days is the true champion bull!
Share this NFL star’s hobby and passion- owning championship bulls !