Check out The Most Feared Bull in Brazilian Bull Riding History:”Bandido!”

The bull called Bandit was simply impossible to ride.
No one managed to stay on for 8 seconds in his entire bull riding career.
Bandito finished his career in September 2008 never covered!
We think he had a staggering 200 rides…(but we don’t know too much except this footage is unforgettable.)
We have also heard this bull has close to 100 offspring- but that shouldn’t surprise us.
Bandido is a Brazilian rodeo bull and a complete legend in Brazil’s bull riding lore.
As the record has it- This bull spent 8 years undefeated, with more than 200 Bull riders all sent to the ground!
We aren’t sure of any of whats written or said in this video since we don’t speak Portuguese…
But you will see with your eyes-some spills you just may not believe!
This is amped up bull riding like we have rarely seen….what a collection!
Watch Bandito get the best of each and every bull rider from Brazil!
Enjoy the Bodacious of Brazil!
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(Check out the Height of the Rider tossed at 1:05- and the one @ 1:50 rider lands on his head!)