Check out This Amazing PBR Bull Ride from TNN-Bull Riding at its very best!

This is from 1997 Nashville,TN and its an all time classic!
In the mid 90’s this Little Bull Strawberry Wine was all the rage.
Only ridden a very few times in the 90’s (covered just 3x from 94-96)
ole #166 Strawberry Wine was electric.

Strawberry Wine was a quick, little bull with a big first leap when they cracked the gate.
no one moved when this bull entered from the chutes!
Strawberry Wine won 1996 PBR TOP BULL, and always was in the PBR and NFR Finals etc.
This Son of Bradford Ivy (NFR 1987-1988) This bull came from good beginnings.
Bulls like Strawberry Wine defined the 1990’s in PBR bull riding- GREAT VINTAGE!
Some great lines by the announcers in this one(last part is interview but don’t miss the ride!)

“I can remember in the middle of that ride – when I got to spurring at him – it got to feeling good,” Davis recalled, “and it just kind of lit a fire under me.”
This bull was special -and so was Jerome,especially on this night!
“It’s what we live for.”- Jerome Davis

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