PBR Bullfighter Shorty Gorham kicked in the face by a Bull-and walks away with just a scratch!!!

Shorty Gorham is kicked by the Bull Hustle Up  in 2013 PBR BFTS WinStar World Casino Invitational in Thackerville, Okla.
This is a wreck no one sees coming!
It’s a decent 87 point ride and then the rider gets hung up-and the bullfighters rush in to provide protection and distraction.
Bullfighters know their job is dangerous -and these guys work as a team and its amazing there are so very few serious injuries. But these guys know the risk- and they know you can never ever KNOW what a bull will do.They have worked hundreds of rides-and know their way around a bull-but sometimes you just don’t see it coming.
We marvel at how tough Shorty is -to take a hit that hard and bounce back up and get back to his job!
A 2000 lb bull kicking you in the face-and he seems to just loosen a few teeth!!
Shorty Gorham, Frank Newsom and Jesse Byrne make up the Primary team of Bullfighters whose job it is to protect the PBR bull riders.These guys rush in to distract the bull from doing harm to the rider.
We were surprised the rider didn’t come right over to Shorty and check on his condition!
You escaped serious injury Shorty Gorham!!!
and one more thing….it’s amazing Shorty’s Cowboy hat doesn’t fall off!
Bull riders and Bullfighters are as tough as they come!