The steer wrestling community lost a young friend in J.D Hebert this past week.

John Dooley “J.D.” Hebert, 21,  died Thursday, Oct. 15, 2015.
He will be sorely missed by all who had the great privilege of knowing him.

grinning jd

We would love for you to see the MEMORIAL  tribute that Rob Pierce put together in honor of his friend JD Hebert. Many tears were shed in the process making this video and its their way of keeping his memory alive and remembering and trying to somehow process this.
This video gives you a great appreciation for the impact JD had-like so many other young men in the tight knit rodeo family, JD was part of a bigger family and community.J.D. had an accomplished high school career and loved rodeo and many events.He was part of the steer wrestling family & bulldogging family but mostly the human community.

“How does one express sorrow for the loss of a friend? And how does one wrestle with the question of how such a bright light could be extinguished so early? Man has struggled with such questions from every generation and there doesn’t seem to be an answer that serves every situation, other than, there are some things we are simply not meant to know….for now. The rodeo community, steer wrestling in particular, lost a young friend in J.D. Hebert this past week. His was a very bright light and will be sorely missed by those who were fortunate enough to know him as a friend. It is with heavy hearts that Tom and I put this piece together…But, lest we forget in our sorrow, J.D. lived a remarkable life and made the most out of the years he was given. He made a difference and had an impact on those who knew him. This tribute by no means does justice to who J.D. was, but hopefully will give a taste of the great privilege it was to know him as a friend. “Rob Pierce

“J.D.” was a 2012 graduate of Iota High School and was the 2012 State High School Steer Wrestling Champion.
He loved to rodeo, hunt, fishing and spending time with family and friends.
J.D. will be missed but never forgotten. Thanks to Rob Pierce  for putting your heart and talent into this video.
Share and keep this young man and his family in your hearts…