Bodacious: “Forced” to Retire for Safety of Riders

If you saw Bodacious- You never forgot it.
Bodacious was like a heavyweight boxer that knocks out his opponents in the 1st round, he was a legendary force.
Bodacious was commonly referred to as “The World’s Most Dangerous Bull.”
Bodacious has sired and grand sired  many bulls that have stocked the PBR and PRCA

Two incidents in 1995 ultimately led to Bodacious’ retirement in his prime.
1/  Final round of 1995 PBR World Finals/ Bodacious headbutted eventual PBR world champion, Tuff Hedeman, breaking every major bone in Hedeman’s face. Hedeman needed a 6-hour reconstructive surgery to repair his face.
2/ in the 9th round of the 1995 National Finals Rodeo, rider Scott Breding tried wearing a hockey mask. However, this failed to protect him adequately. Bodacious headbutted and knocked him out while breaking his nose and bursting his eye sockets.
A few days later, Bodacious was retired from professional bull riding for the safety of the riders, however, he did appear in select Bull Riders Only (BRO) events in 1996 before retiring for good.
In 1999, he was inducted into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame and many know him as “the greatest bull to ever buck.”

Alternative rock band Primus dedicated a song to Bodacious in their 1999 album Antipop,
It is called “Ballad of Bodacious”, and it’s the soundtrack for this incredible tribute!
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