Check out the Best Bull Riding Video of Rodeo’s best thrills and spills!

If you love Bull riding,this is your video.
If you love rodeo spills and thrills,this is your video.
If you loved bulls like Chicken on a Chain,Reindeer Dippin,Copperhead Slinger,this is your video.
If you like watching Ben Jones dance- this is your video.(perhaps Ben’s best dance!)
If you like seeing the best bull riders tossed like footballs,check out 0:28 & 2:22( Travis Briscoe)
Craziest rides,wrecks,and some slick editing make this a classic!
This one will leave you speechless-and your blood pumping!
(if you don’t like the music-turn it down- but don’t let it make you miss this one!)
It is…possibly the best bull riding video ever made
(Band: Phoenix/Song: 1901)