“I didn’t set a game plan because a bull like that, there’s no telling what he’ll do”
Ty Murray

At 23, Ty Murray was already a six-time World Champion.
He won five consecutive all-around titles and was coming off a 1993 season in which he had won the first of two PRCA world titles as a bull rider when he arrived in Nashville, Tenn., for a PBR event in August of 1994.
Over Twenty years later, Murray’s 93-point effort on Gunslinger stands as one of the many memorable moments for the man known as the “King of the Cowboys.”
With Gunslinger raring up, it was textbook Murray as he kept his shoulders square, head down and reached forward. Murray was in his prime and reversal of direction didn’t faze him as he got off away from his hand to a standing ovation.
Ty took each second as it came and rode Gunslinger one jump at a time…and bumped his way to 8 seconds!
These  TNN announcers set the stage perfectly  for the drama about to unfold!

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