Check out Roy PBR Bull introducing himself to PBR Bull Riders Nance and Cates

Roy Vs Nance from Laughlin is one of the greatest bull performances ever!
We also included footage of  Roy tossing Reese Cates in the championship round of the 2015 PBR BDVT in Salinas, CA.
VIDEO 1 BELOW- listen to the stadium announcer( introducing and describing Roy)
Roy, is a Half Brother to legendary bull Bushwacker, takes the top marks bucking off Cody Nance and scoring 45.75 in the championship round in the 2014 PBR BFTS Desert Showdown in Laughlin, Nevada.
VIDEO 2 BELOW of one of the greatest bull performances ever
Julio Moreno Bucking Bulls elected to have Roy put down following the Ak-Chin Invitational after consulting with a local veterinarian in Buckeye, Arizona, because of the bull’s lower leg injuries.
Roy had just bucked off 2015 World Finals event winner Cooper Davis in 2.43 seconds for a career-best 46.5-point bull score despite sustaining two broken front legs during the out.
We have seen the footage and we have chosen not to share it.
Bull riding and PBR fans were devastated last year by the passing of Mick E Mouse, a beloved bull , and now this.
Roy PBR BULL was special and had something to prove just to get noticed because he was always in the shadow of his half-brother, three-time World Champion Bull Bushwacker.
It didn’t bother PBR Bull Roy one bit that Bushwacker was bigger than him or that he had won more championships than he did.Roy was a fighter. His motor never stopped and he wasn’t going to let Bushwacker boss him around on the ranch. Roy would have turned 7 years old on April 1.
Roy PBR Bull had as much personality as any you’d ever see. He was a bit of a wild child, always doing his thing.
He was a small athletic bull who always showed up.
Roy concludes his career with a 17-3 record on the BFTS and an Avg bull score of 44.93 points per out.
Roy scored 45.75 points for the performance in the video below(Nance), the second of seven consecutive 45-point or higher bull scores for the bovine athlete.
He was the top bull on most nights and every rider knew a cover would be a career maker.
His career is highlighted by the 3 memorable times he was ridden.(Viera, Aparecido, Nance).
Many may remember Josh Faircloth being  knocked out aboard Roy.
Those rides along with his series with Nance are what most fans remember, but Roy gave many a short night.
But we chose these rides versus Cates & Nance to remember ROY PBR Bull.
Check out how far from the chutes this mighty mite of a bull travels!
For whatever Roy lacked in size, he made up for in heart.
We have to say after watching Roy for years, he always sprung up and was often falling and spun around like a kid getting dizzy, sometimes landing awkwardly , but who would have ever thought…
This bull was like your short stubborn friend always getting in fights with bigger guys , he felt he was the king and gave in to no one.
This was to be Roy’s year….and the sport is once again reminded of the fragility and danger of bull riding.
The PBR is family is reflecting and  reacting:
-Kindra Moreno,owner:  (via Facebook)“These bulls are incredible athletes and loved by our family, friends and fans. We thank the many of you who have reached out to us during this very difficult time.
-Cody Lambert: “That is about as bad as I have ever seen, It is extremely rare, but it [bull injuries] can happen. If you have livestock, there can be injuries to the people and the stock. Roy has had a great life. He’s been a really rank bull and has always been treated well
-Cooper Davis: “It is one of those things that sucks, You never want it to happen to any of them, but when you have one that is great like that, it kind of hits home to you. I know it hits home to Julio. That was a great bull and always honest. It was a freak accident. There is nothing anyone could have done about it.Our thoughts and prayers are with Julio and Kindra,”
-Matt Scharping: “That is heartbreaking. People don’t realize the blood sweat and tears we put into these animals. They are like children to us. When you get one that is just not feeling quite right, it is heart wrenching for us. When you see something like that, you have to know it can happen at any time. To see that happen on a bull that is that great is absolutely heartbreaking. It makes you sick to your stomach. It is a horrible deal.”
-Shane Proctor: “Man, he was just snappy and electric and had so much kick and suck back. He would fade all the way across the arena. That is one thing that made him really unique. How much he faded. It is crazy and it is a shame.”
-Chad Berger: “Roy was a superb animal athlete who gave it his all every time,” Berger said. “It’s a sad day for me and my heart pours out to Julio and Kindra. May Roy go to greener pastures and buck ‘em off.”
-Cody Nance:“It breaks my heart to see that bull go down like that, He is my favorite bull. I wish I could have picked him today. It breaks my heart for Julio. It is a terrible thing. My friendship started with him in Vegas and I was 89 on him and won the first round in 2013. That bull didn’t know nobody and nobody knew him.”
-Joao Ricardo Viera :“He is the best bull, It is a bad loss for the PBR. He is one of the best bulls and was in competition for the World Championship this year.”
-Eduardo Aparecido: “For me, he was the best bull right now, He was in the running for a world title and was the best bull in the world. All the time, he would post high scores. 44-45-46 points all the time. He was a consistent 45 points or higher. I am sorry he broke his leg. It is not good to see it end that way.”
9 time World Champion Ty Murray to this day calls Roy’s out v Nance(Video below) the best he ever saw.“The first time I saw that bull was in Laughlin, Nevada. He had probably the most impressive trip I ever had seen a bull have,” Murray said. “I was doing the TV and I was like, ‘Whoa, what a great bull!”
“I have been around this sport my whole life and I have probably seen millions of bulls buck, and I have never seen anything like that,” Murray said. “I know it just gives you a really, really sick feeling. It is hard to believe that something can be such an amazing, powerful athlete and can do things athletically and that something like that can even happen. To have been around this sport my whole life, I have never seen anything like that.“I will never forget the first time I saw him and the last time I had seen him. I will remember those outs forever.”
And these  words from the PBR and the man closest to ROY his grief-stricken owner Julio Moreno:
-PBR: “We at the PBR want to support Julio. He brings good bulls and has good bulls at home, but no one is like Roy. It is so hard to take Roy (away). Roy is like Bushwacker. He was so hard. God bless him.”
-Julio Moreno-“This was probably going to be his year and he was going to stand up against everybody and give them competition, He will be missed. He is real special and he will be a bull I always think about.”
ROY VS Cates(turn your sound up)

ROY VS Nance (Laughlin)